List of products by brand Bio Cera

BioCera SA is a representative of Bio Cera Korea, which was established in 1994 and has been

specializing in manufacturing and selling water related ceramics and alkaline medical devices. The company is registered at American Food and Drug Administration and Korean Food and Drug Administration as an environmentally friendly venture company. Dr. Hyoung Tag Jeon, CEO of Biocera Korea, is the recognized world authority on bio ceramic materials and the OWNER of the ORIGINAL PATENT for the formula and creation of bio ceramic (laundry) balls. BioCera ceramics is the first in the world to past the NSF (America National Sanitary Foundation) 42 Safety test.

BioCera specializes in all water related purifiers and filters and offer the latest technology (including nano, photocatalyst and far infrared ray) in water activating ceramic balls.

BioCera Certification: FDA (USA), NSF, ISO, WQA Halaal & European CE Code

Bio Cera SA has a wide range of eco-friendly products to promote sustainable living