List of products by brand Eureka Mills

Eureka Mills is a local farm and producer, based in the region in and around Heidelberg and Swellendam

where conservation farming is the norm and wheat is cultivated in soil worked by light-toothed implements rather than disturbed by the conventional disc plough. As much as possible of the residue of the harvesting process is also left on the land. As a result, the soil is high in natural organic materials and the development of soil organisms like earthworms is greatly stimulated. As a consequence the soil needs less fertilizer, especially nitrogen and its texture and structure is improved by these sustainable practices and the effect of the soil organisms on an ongoing basis.

Eureka Mills grows its wheat and other crops in a crop rotation system in which leguminous plants plays a prominent role, which makes the soil naturally enriched with nitrogen and that the chemical control of insects and weeds is drastically reduced.

Eureka Mills is farming by means of all those old methods of crop rotation and gentle aerating of the soil. Apart from the unique production process they also ground in a very special way. A slower grinding stone mill is used instead of conventional fast equipment which generates extremely high temperatures, inevitably damaging the wheat germ and destroying valuable vitamins and enzymes in the process.

And lastly Eureka Mills bakes their final products in a stone oven to make bread in the slow time manner to extract maximum benefit out of the efforts of mother nature.

More honesty, more integrity, more trust, more local.