List of products by brand Endoca

Henry Vincenty has been travelling the world for decades in search of organic medicines.

After decades-long research, he discovered that hemp worked as a cure for many common ailments. With a background in science, Henry Vincenty, the founder of Endoca, used his knowledge to extract the oil out of the hemp plant. The Vincenty family has long had a tradition in hemp cultivation and have produced the finest hemp oil in the world.

Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is a strain of the cannabis plant containing low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCa). The hemp plant has been harvested for its fibers and seed since it was domesticated as a crop 10,000 years ago. It is one of the first plants to be cultivated by man.

Endoca makes products from certified organic Cannabis (Hemp) plants, grown and cultivated without herbicides or pesticides.

ndoca primary focus is to research and develop innovative Cannabis extracts and hemp based foods that can help to balance the human endocannabinoid system making them accessible world-wide.

Endoca believes that through targeting the human Endocannabinoid system we can help many people on this planet to restore their internal balance.