List of products by brand Happy Culture

Happy Culture Kombucha was born in Cape Town in September 2017 with a mission to evolve the world of beverages in South Africa.

Happy Culture’s dearest vision is to spread wellbeing, gut health, good vibes and happiness, and in doing so, inspiring a beautiful human evolution. 

Happy Culture Kombucha products are handcrafted using a fermentation method that honours an ancient eastern tradition. Only natural raw ingredients and authentic techniques are used. The result of this alchemy is a tangy-sweet, naturally effervescent raw green tea kombucha, infused with cold pressed juices, teas and spices, and filled with live energy and beneficial properties to bring life and wellbeing.

Happy Culture offers a signature style drink that is that is fresh, clean, elegant, perfectly balanced, low sugar and very delicious - a flavour profile which they love to position somewhere between iced-tea and Champagne.