Dried Apples (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

The Fruit Cellar Dried Apples (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

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The Fruir Cellar Dried Apples are hand crafted from choice grade apples sourced from local Western Cape farmers. Fresh fruits dried on the farm.

No Sulphur Dioxide. No Preservatives.

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Ingredients: apples

About The Fruit Cellar

Alison & Bruce Gilson of Tierhoek Organics are well known for their wonderful certified organic jams and dried fruit. However, if you know anything about organic farming in South Africa, you'll also know there aren't many truly certified organic fruit farmers locally, so organic fruit remains in short supply.

Having had decades of experience, Tierhoek have developed significant expertise in the sulphur-free dried fruit production process and they've decided to launch a non-organic preservative- and sulphur-free range to provide more options for their customers under the brand name The Fruit Cellar.

Difference between Sulphur and Sulphur Dioxide

Sulphur is used in organic farming as a fungicide and insecticide. However this has been cleaned off by the time fruit and vegetables are harvested. Sulphur Dioxide is used widely in the dried fruit industry to preserve dried fruit from moulds and insect growth. It is this sulphur that people have an allergy towards and which is not used in The Fruit Cellar range.

Fresh fruit is sourced from local Western Cape farmers who are Global G.A.P. and export certified. This means they farm with a minimum of sprays, in some cases no chemicals at all, as well as adhering to strict environmental and labour regulations

With demand for preservative free dried fruits growing, The Fruit Cellar range offers unique locally produced products that fill the gap where certified organic fruits are not available.

The Fruit Cellar product range includes dried fruit selection (including exotic dry blueberries and persimmons, as well as savoury range of dried veggies and delicious fruit jams.

By buying locally The Fruit Cellar uses fruit that would otherwise be thrown away, due to sun damage or under sizing, thereby assisting local farmers and producing quality dried fruit for their customers.

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