Natural Cotton Day Pads, Ultra Thin, Soft, 10s (Masmi)

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Masmi Natural Cotton Day Pads are Ultra Thin, discrete, comfortable, soft and gentle on skin. Made with pure cotton and free of Chlorine and Dioxine. No perfumes. No Rayon or Viscose. Safe of us, our health and the environment.

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10 units

Ingredients: 100% Pure Natural cotton

  • 100% Pure Certified Organic Cotton Absorbent Core.
  • Hypoallergenic, reduces the risk of irritation and allergy.
  • Wrapped individually for easy carrying and access.
  • Cotton non-woven coversheet with special interlace to stop fibres sticking on your skin.
  • Adhesive strip for a security fit.
  • Perfume and superabsorbent free.
  • No Chlorine or Dioxin used in the Bleaching process.
  • Gynaecologists, midwives and obstetricians recommend the use of natural cotton products for your intimate hygiene.

Why Cotton?

Breathable: admit air to flow easily through the fibers.

Guarantees an optimal level of humidity with outside: to limit skin dehydration.

Physiological body's pH compatibility: it is compatible with the human body’s physiological Ph. It does not alter the natural acidity of the vaginal mucous.

Hypoallergenicreduce and helps to prevent the risks of irritations, allergy and infections.

Gentle on your skin: soft and gentle on your skin with maximum leakage protection.

Did you know?

Vulvo-vaginal irritation can appear at any age for a woman but it is most often during the fertile years when she has her menstrual cycle.

Women around the world suffer from vulvo-vaginal irritation in  different forms (rush, burnings, soreness, etc.); cause include the use of feminine hygiene products made with plastics, viscose, cellulose, perfume, and/or superabsorbent and other petrochemical ingredients.

These products combined with the common daily use of pantyliners can create a heat-dampness micro-climate, which is an ideal situation for the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and irritations.

The skin of the vulva is extremely sensitive. Because it is moist and frequently subjected to friction while sitting and moving, this area can be easily affected. Chemicals found in sanitary towels, tampons, pantyliners, toilet tissues, laundry soaps and detergents that contact the vulva can cause irritation. Avoiding contact with potential irritants that contain chemicals is the key. 

Using Natural COTTON feminine hygiene products prevents or even eliminates the risks associated with this type of irritation and allergies.

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