Laundry Ball (Bio Cera)

Laundry Ball (Bio Cera)

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Wash, soften and sterilize in one! Bio Cera Laundry Ball offers unique environmentally friendly detergent free washing! Safe on fabrics, with better antibacterial properties. Anti-static. Allergen free. Chemicals free. Detergent free.

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How do the Laundry Balls work?

Activated (ionised) molecules are released during the wash; these molecules will raise the pH level of the water and soften the water and fabric. This allows for the movement of water in the machine to penetrate the fabric and lift the soil. The laundry balls (as do chemical detergents) only enables the actual solvent, water, to clean better.

What are the ingredients inside?

The bio ceramics are made up from naturally occurring rock minerals such as: Kalium (K), Natrium (Na), Aliminium oxide (Al 203), Silica (Si 02) ect. These minerals are baked up to extreme temperatures in order to create the bio-ceramic compound.

Does it clean well?

It cleans, sterilizes and softens effectively. It does not contain bleach or whiteners and our Bio-Bleach powder can be added for added whiteness or spot removing when necessary. Bio Cera spot remover block gets rid of stains. You can also pre-soak the clothes with the balls in a bucket or machine first.

What temperature should the water be?

Generally speaking, hot water is always the best temperature for the cleanest clothes whether you are using the Laundry balls or detergent. Bio Cera laundry balls can be used with cold water or up to 100 degrees Celsius. Using cold water is obviously better for the environment (less energy used) but health and environmental benefits of preventing petrochemical detergents from getting dumped into the fresh water supply and onto our skin is also of great significance.

Is it safe to use for allergy and eczema sufferers?

It is hypo-allergenic and safe to use for sensitive skin and babies. It contains no chemicals that can irritate skin.

Does it have a fragrance?

The truth is, clean clothes smell like nothing, but a natural essential oil of jasmine is impregnated into the outer casing and releases with friction of the ball in the machine. This natural oil only provides a subtle essence. Most of the synthetic scents may be unhealthy for your skin and respiratory system, so the less you use, the better, especially if you are chemically sensitive.

How long do the laundry balls last?

Bio Cera Laundry Ball lasts about 3 years or a 1000 washes. That means you can wash, on average, once a day, 7 days a week, 3 years in a row.

Do they work in any machine?

Yes, one ball treats 5 kg of laundry, but we recommend one ball for an average front loader and 2 for a top loader.

Are they safe to use for delicate fabrics?

Yes, the ball is light weight and would not harm delicates. On the other hand a washing machine might be rough on delicates, so please follow care instructions on clothes label.

Can I use fabric softener?

It is not necessary for a fabric softener, because the laundry balls naturally softens. Detergent causes stiffening of fabric with excess detergent that stays behind in the weave of fabric, even after rinsing.

A natural fabric softener is white vinegar, just add 1 ½ cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle. It has been reported that a normal 5 percent solution of vinegar kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs (viruses).

Can I hand wash?

Yes, just pre-soak the balls in a bucket of water for 10 to 20 minutes and then wash as usual.

Can I re-use the water?

It is safe to use the run-off water in your garden as there are no chemicals. The negative ions in the water are beneficial to living organisms. When water is scarce, the water can be filtered, to get rid of the dirt, and re-used for household purposes.

Do they remove stains?

Stains needs to be treated as per usual. We recommend our environmentally friendly BioCera spot remover or Bio-Bleach.

How do I keep my white's "white"?

The laundry balls have a sterilizing effect, but no harsh toxic chemicals or chlorine bleaches. Chemical detergents may also leave behind what are called "optical brighteners" which are synthetic chemicals that reflect more light off the clothing to only appear "brighter" to the eye. The clothes are not in fact cleaner, but clogged up with a chemical that works like a "mirror". This in fact compromises the cleanliness of your garment.

For REAL added brightness, use an environmentally friendly bleach, such as Oxy Bleach or Bio-Bleach or soak your whites in a bucket with 1 ½ cup bicarbonate of soda, wring and hang out in the sun without rinsing, because the bicarbonate and sun combination will naturally keep the clothes whiter.

How do I get a cleaner wash?

The balls work a bit more efficiently in warm water rather than cold, so put all your very dirty clothes together and use warm water.

They need at least 20 minutes to change the pH of the water which is what opens the fabric to clean out the dirt. It would be effective to soak the laundry in the machine before starting the cycle.

Make sure you are using 2 balls for top loaders or more than 5 kg of laundry

Do not overload your machine. The balls need room to move in the machine.

Are they safe for use in septic tanks?

Yes, they do not contain toxic chemicals and the alkaline pH will help reduce bacteria.

Saving benefits of using BioCera laundry balls.

Chemical laundry detergents are not real soap, but consist mainly of petro chemical by-products and are in fact toxic to our bodies and the environment. By using Bio Cera Laundry Ball you save the environment, because there are no harmful phosphates from your laundry water to pollute waterways. You can re-use that water. You will save on water and electricity bills, because there is no need for excessive rinsing, since there are no suds or soap residue to rinse out. You can eliminate the last rinsing cycle on your machine. Effective with cold water. Your washing machine lasts longer, no corrosion. Your clothes last longer.

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