Eye Applicator Set (Logona)

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Logona Eye Applicator Set consists of 3 double sided applicators for applying and shading of eye powder shadows. The one end of the applicators is a small eye shadow brush made from goat's hair and the other end is a foam applicator. A must have set of makeup accessories.

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Eye Makeup how to make it work for you

First, a line of eyeliner drawn above the lashes makes them appear thicker and helps model the eye. An eyeliner line on the inside of the lid edge also produces interesting effects. A lighter shade of eyeliner drawn on the inside edge of the eye gives your eyes a radiant effect, whereas an eyeliner the same colour as your eyes intensifies your eye colour.

Follow by applying a light shadow over the entire lid up to the eyebrow, and follow with a darker shade over the moving part of the lid. In general, lighter shadows make your eyes larger; darker shadows smaller.

Finally, define your lashes with several light strokes of mascara, applied in the direction of the lash growth. Your lashes will appear thicker and longer, if you apply several layers of mascara, giving the mascara a moment to dry between layers.

LOGONA Cosmetics - Colours from Nature

LOGONA Naturkosmetik proudly introduces its new line of natural colour cosmetics, continuing the innovative tradition it began 20 years ago. At that time, when no natural alternatives to conventional cosmetics existed, LOGONA launched a little set of makeup products that pushed the market. Since then, LOGONA has continued its pioneering efforts, steadily expanding product selection and increasing both quality and performance.

Women have gradually come to expect comparable performance from natural cosmetics as from conventional makeup products. And LOGONA has now clearly gone beyond this measure. Not only does its new line offer finely nuanced, sophisticated cosmetic options for every look, it does so utilizing the finest ingredients Nature has to offer, such as certified organic botanicals, vitamins, and natural colorants. Every product of the new LOGONA cosmetic line fully complies with the rigorous European criteria for certified natural cosmetics. Guaranteed to perform. Guaranteed to benefit your skin.

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